Most recent and best work…from Sweepers and Promos to Branded Intros - for some of the biggest brands in radio.

BBC Radio 2015 Highlight trials and misc.

R1 Dance Radio (BBC Radio 1 Pop Up Station)

Imaging made for BBC Radio 1’s Pop Up Station that unfortunately never came to pass.

BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2 & 6 Music

Some of the highlights from my freelance work at BBC Radio in 2014/2015 which included being brought in to help with the new imaging package, working on the “Where It Begins” marketing campaign and lots of production for the 20th anniversary in Ibiza.

Imaging Demo – General

Emcompassing brands from Heart to Xfm via Capital and Choice.

Bauers “The Hits” network.

A selection of Out of Breaks and Branded Intros.

Choice FM Branded Intros

These include the Sonic logo I created for the strap line “It’s Your Choice”.

Choice FM Summer Production

With a little help from Production Vault Urban.

Choice FM Breakfast Package

2 custom written tracks for TOH’s (again with Owen Gurry) plus some Production Vault tinkering.